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Around Mini-Europe
Design Museum Brussels
Kinepolis Brussels

15 min from Mini-Europe
Train World 
Timmermans Brewery

In the heart of Brussels
Planète Chocolat
Choco Story Brussels

In the heart of the European district
Museum for Natural Sciences 


Essential symbol of Brussels and Belgium. Surrealistic visit through tubes, spheres and sound & light installations. Breathtaking 360° panoramic view on Brussels (92m). Panoramic Restaurant (95m). Permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Atomium and Expo 58. Temporary exhibition –  the entrance ticket automatically includes the entrance to the Design Museum Atomium, located at 150m.

Place de l’Atomium – 1020 Laeken

+32 2 475 47 75



Established after the Atomium’s acquisition of the Plasticarium collection in December 2014, the Museum offers an innovative and surprising insight on plastic design from the fifties to the present (permanent exhibition / Plasticarium) and on other forms of design through other periods, expressions, materials and themes (temporary exhibitions). The Museum, it is also an auditorium with about 400 seats and an educational and cultural service with activities designed for children, teens and school groups. Lectures and screenings, in connection with the themes that are explored, enrich the museum’s program of activities. Through exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and lectures, the ADAM aims to ensure that design is intelligible to one and all. The project is built with 10 principles in mind such as: making best use of the existing qualities, outside and inside; organising functions around existing structures; a simple, adaptable and reliable exhibition system; integrating stock into the exhibition; conceptual links between the objects; standard simple materials to let the colourful collection stand out.

Belgiëplein 1 – 1020 Laeken

+32 2 669 49 29



The Planetarium (of the Royal Observatory of Belgium) – Will welcome you to a completely redesigned projection hall, with a state-of-the-art projection system made up of eight of the latest technology video-projectors providing coverage for the entire dome which is 23 meters in diameter. The visitor will thus be immersed in a fascinating image projected on the dome covering 840m². Furthermore, thanks to an astronomy database containing more than 100.000 stars, it’s possible to travel among the planets, to fly above Mars or even approach the rings of Saturn! And why would we stop there? Do you dare to go beyond the limits of the solar system? Even the Milky way! Would you be tempted to explore the extremities of the Universe?

Bouchoutlaan 10 – 1020 Laeken

+32 2 474 70 50


Kinepolis Brussel

At Kinepolis Brussels you experience the movie like nowhere else!

Kinepolis expands the traditional cinema experience to a wider world of film and entertainment, wants to offer its customers the best cinema experience and therefore combines a state-of-the-art cinema infrastructure with an offer tailored to different target groups. Come and discover a film in the IMAX theatre (with its huge screen of more than 600m2, your film will be more powerful, more efficient, more intense) or a 4DX film (innovative technology that offers you the most successful cinema experience, which combines the movements of the seats to special sensory effects such as wind, rain, fog, snow, odors and light in perfect sync with the actions of the film on screen). The combo rate is only valid for standard films excluding supplement (cozy seats, 3D, Imax, 4DX, etc.)

Boulevard du Centenaire 20 – 1020 Laeken

+32 2 474 26 00

Train World

Schaerbeek station is situated in the middle of the Belgian railway network. Based in the heart of Europe, it lies on the route of Belgium’s very first railway track, between Brussels and Mechelen. It is a true gem in Belgian railway architecture. The railway garden connects it with a new industrial hangar. Together with this new museum complex in the form of a saw tooth shape, the Schaerbeek station represents a wonderful symbiosis of old and new in the Art Nouveau heart of Schaerbeek. You are most welcome to visit both stations, whose plans date from 1887 and 1913, and which have been completely restored. Each time you’ll immediately see how the station architecture meets the new needs of its passengers. Find out how the mythical train was, and remains, an inspiration for many film-makers, artists and writers. And discover more about life behind the ticket counter. As in days gone by you can still enjoy a snack in the old station restaurant.

Prinses Elisabethplein 5 – 1030 Schaerbeek
+32 2 224 75 88



Brewery Timmermans

Once upon a time, it seemed like everyone brewed beer in Belgium.
Professional brewers shared their knowledge with private individuals whose brewing installation was located in their living room, with farmers who had their hands brew on quiet days and with abbeys who claimed their brews had medicinal properties. Depending on their region, brewers used different ingredients in varying quantities, which explains why so many regional beers emerged.

Kerkstraat 11 – 1701 Itterbeek
+32 2 569 03 57


Planète Chocolat

Planète Chocolat is a Belgian artisan chocolatier located in the heart of Brussels close to the famous Manneken-Pis and the Grand-Place. The chocolate has been made in the traditional style of yesteryear since 1991 by a team of chocolate lovers playing with their creativity to fuse the great taste of Belgian chocolate into new forms. Planète Chocolat’s ambition is to preserve the role of art in food, an art form which is ephemeral but continually being reproduced. The medium itself, chocolate, enjoys an image which is both prestigious and Belgian. We felt this should also be true of the shape. So we decided to get Belgian artists to design our chocolates, artists representing very diverse artistic trends. These little pieces of Belgian chocolate thus become ambassadors for Belgium abroad. Is the best chocolate Belgian? Probably. Is the best chocolate art? Definitely.

Lombardstreet 24 – 1000 Brussels
+32 2 511 07 55



Choco Story Brussels

Choco-Story Brussels is the result of an encounter between two families who were passionate about the world of cocoa and chocolate. The Van Lierde – Draps family, who created the Brussels Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate in 1998. Peggy Van Lierde, the only daughter of the founder of the museum, took over its running in 2007. In 2014 more than 75,000 people visited the Brussels Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate. The Van Belle family, who created not only Choco-Story in Bruges in 2004, but the Chocolate Museums in Paris, Prague and Mexico. Eddy Van Belle and his sons Cedric and Kevy all share this passion for cocoa and chocolate and have collected many unique objects from all over the world. As the visitor walks through the different exhibition rooms, he can learn the history of this precious commodity, from its origins to its transformation as a finished product. Samples of chocolate can be tasted during the visit and you can watch a demonstration given by our master chocolate-maker. Visitors are free to wander around the museum on their own or accompanied by a guide.

Stoofstreet 41 – 1000 Brussels
+32 2 514 20 48


Museum for Natural Sciences

No combi in 2021

The Museum is home to the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe. We display T.Rex, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, Maisasaur, Cryolophosaurus and many more. We also have the pride of Belgium, the original fossils from our enormous collection of Iguanodons.  But there is much more to see. Such as the brand new Mosasaur Hall, these water-dwelling counterparts of the dinosaurs, the Gallery of the Evolution, BiodiverCITY, 250 Years of Natural Sciences… And our extraordinary Gallery of Humankind! Guided tours, on request.

Vautierstreet 9 – 1000 Brussels
+32 2 627 42 34



Handheld multimedia guides accompany visitors to the heart of the European Parliament, explaining the path towards European integration, how the European Parliament works and what its Members are doing to meet the challenges of today. The Parlamentarium is dynamic and interactive by design and can be experienced in any of the European Union’s 24 official languages, making it the perfect place for visitors of all ages to discover European politics. The Parlamentarium is open seven days a week and entrance is free of charge. A visit normally takes around 90 minutes, but shorter tours are available for families and school groups. Advance booking is possible for all, but strongly recommended for groups. See below for more details on what the Parlamentarium has to offer and its programme of events and temporary exhibitions. Admission is free of charge.

Willy Brandtbuilding
Luxembourgplein 100 – 1050 Brussels
+32 2 283 22 22