The European Union explained to all.

All Europeans are concerned about Europe. But yet, she is still pretty unknown. The European Union is in constant evoluation. In 50 years, Europe has enlarged thoroughed. Its instituations are complex. This ignorance allows for many biases and rumours. These rumours are sometimes false or exagerated due to a misunderstanding.

Located at the end of the visit, the Spirit Of Europe exposition will certainly be appreciated by the public.
When they finish the discovery of Mini-Europe the visitors have a better view of our common history and the shared values of the different European countries. They then arrive at the Spirit of Europe, where they discover more about the European Union in a fun and interactive way. Our biggest hope is that Mini-Europe and the Spirit of Europe will bring the civilians closer to the big European project and implicate them even further in the futur of our Union“, declares Thierry Meeùs proudly.

From the exterior, a big fresco of European faces, a European ring and the logo of the Spirit of Europe remind that Man is the center of the European construction. Furthermore, the restaurant is decorated by the European colours.

Guided visit of the Spirit of Europe

In the first part of the Spirit of Europe, the platform “What Europe Does for You” helps the visitor to discover – in street art style –  what the European Union exactly does for its civilians with more than 300 examples. This is followed by a movie which was realized by the European Parliament and is dedicated to them.

The second part of the exposition, which is more fun and interactive, starts with the possibility to play the European anthem by placing your hands on different instruments. The more hands are placed on instruments, the more impressive the orchestra! Visitors can leave their message on an electronic post-it which is displayed on a big screen. A quiz offering 6 players the possibility to test their knowledge of the European Union is followed by the last part of the exposition. The Europemotion is played by 2 persons who jump in front of an interactive screen to try and finish the game as fast as possible.

An exposition about Europe in a park like Mini-Europe, is that paradoxal?

Thierry Meeùs, CEO of Mini-Europe, explains this by comparing the European project to a marriage. A marriage is a positive encounter where each sees and recognizes the other. If there is affinity, a common project is created.

The visit of Mini-Europe follows the same principle. First, the visitors have fun in the park. Then they appreciate the discovery of the European diversity. This makes visitors even more proud to recognize their country. Each having been seen and recognized, is more open to understand the common project that is the European Union.

Technical information:

Space of the exposition: 400 m² and 850 m² with the extension of the restaurant

Presentation in four languages: French, Dutch, English and German

Total investment: 1,05 million euro in 2003 and € 200.000 in 2019 for the new exposition that was co produced by the European Parliament.

Conception: Mini-Europe Education

Partners: De Pinxi, Mini-Europe, Créaset, European Parliament and Hartdeco

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