Family Day in Mini-Europe with the mission of China to the E.U.

On June 3, on the occasion of the « EU-China 2018 Tourism year », Mini-Europe welcomed the Chinese community in Belgium to discover the European Union in miniature and invited them over for a diner with Chinese and European flavors. This major happening brought together more than 250 invitees which included the families of the diplomates of the Embassy of China in Belgium and the Mission of China to the E.U. This event also took place on the occasion of the International Children’s Day (June 1).

The invitees had the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful miniature parks in Europe. Thanks to the catalog-guide translated to Chinese, the visitors learned even more about the European culture. Sir Thierry Meeùs, CEO of Mini-Europe, Madam Xian Weiyi, Minister-Counsellor of the Mission of China to the E.U. and Sir Eric Philippart, in charge of the « EU-China 2018 Tourism Year » have expressed their enthusiasm to the public when presenting this event who brings together different communities to get to know each other better. On this occasion, giant lanterns representing the Chinese Opera and the three warlords who shared the Empire when the Han Dynasty disintegrated: Cao Cao founded the Kingdom of Wei, Liu Bei the Kingdom of Shu and Sun Quan the Kingdom of Wu.

The second initiative will take place on August 4,11 and 18 during the traditional « Mini-Europe By Night ». The giant Chinese lanterns and the 350 models representing the most emblematic monuments of the European Union will be lit up in the park. And for the evenings finally: The musical fireworks in Chinese and the European Union’s colors.