Tremble in fear on Halloween@Mini-Europe

During the autumn holidays, Mini-Europe offers Halloween@Mini-Europe. For 16 days, this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Halloween and its classic, life-size decorations, witches and pumpkins. It is above all an opportunity to discover how the mini skeletons and mini zombies have turned the miniature world of Mini-Europe upside down. Spiders have invaded the Eiffel Tower and zombies (good mummy and her little girl) create a crazy and humorous amusement park. Of course, Mini-Europe would not be Mini-Europe if a cultural feature was not added by describing the fate of witches in the Middle Ages or the story of Frankenstein for example.

From October 22 to November 6, Mini-Europe makes you tremble with fear – but also shiver with pleasure. For the occasion, the park takes on the colors of Halloween: hundreds of skeletons and monsters have turned the park upside down. It’s a party for skeletons and zombies in the Lunapark but also in and under the cemetery. What happened with the plane crash at the airport? And over there, is it the ghost train or the train of ghosts? There will be thousands of details to observe. Let’s also mention the revolt of the figurines against the model maker: in their turn to crush his arms, to drill him, to glue him and to paint him.

True to its reputation, Mini-Europe makes it a point of honor to entertain its visitors with fun and humor, but also to highlight our European heritage. Would you like to know the origins of the Halloween tradition? Not afraid of the darkest witch stories of the Middle Ages? Then you are making the right choice by visiting Mini-Europe during the autumn holidays.


Additional entertainment is planned for October 29, 30, 31 and November 1

From Saturday October 29 to Tuesday November 1, our familiar 1/25 scale models will be visited by live actors and extras who will bring the park even more to life. For four days, visitors will benefit from additional entertainment. During your visit, you may come across a balloon-sculpting Bellboy looking for his haunted hotel, a pirate in search of adventure who will challenge you to a sword fight or the angel of death who will freeze your blood. !
A make-up stand will allow visitors to treat themselves to an even more marked horror look.


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*Visitors that disguise themselves in the Halloween theme, get a €2 reduction on the entrance ticket (only on the spot).