Inauguration of the “Mini-Europe by Night 2018” in the colours of China and the EU

On the 4th of August 2018, Mr. Thierry Meeùs, the managing director of Mini-Europe, Mr. Wang Hongjian, the charge d’affaire of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the EU and Mr. Eric Philippart, the head of “EU-China 2018 Tourism Year” at the European Commission, inaugurated the first firework show of “Mini-Europe by Night”. This inauguration took place in the presence of guests from the tourism sector, diplomatic world and civil society. Prior to the firework display, the dance troupe “EU-China Y & Y” performed a remarkable performance. The dancers demonstrated beautiful costumes specially made in China for this occasion.

This is the second Mini-Europe initiative under the “EU-China 2018 Tourism Year”. On the 3rd of June 2018, Mini-Europe organized a “Family Day” for the Chinese community of Belgium where they could experience Mini-Europe and its 350 European monuments with their families. The visit was concluded with a taste of Belgian and Chinese flavors.

For these two occasions, the China Mission to the EU gifted Mini-Europe giant lanterns made in China. The lanterns were transported to Brussels specifically for the “EU-China 2018 Tourism Year”. Mini-Europe offers its visitors the opportunity to discover different cultural aspects of the European Union. The presence of these Chinese lanterns depicting characters from the Chinese opera is an original way of learning more about both cultures.

Mini-Europe has been welcoming Chinese visitors for many years and has translated its guide catalog into Mandarin.