Novelties 2019

In honour of our 30th anniversary, we will be revealing different novelties throughout the whole season!

In March, we will honour the great Flemish painters. Pieter Bruegel the Elder will be working on his masterpiece “The Fall of the Rebel Angels” on the Grand Place of Brussels. In Ghent you will find Jan Van Eyck, who’s working on the famous “Ghent Altarpiece” as well as Rubens who’s applying the finishing touches to his work “Descent from the Cross”.
Mini-Europe will honour the “Eternal City”; the Trevi fontain will be displayed in the park. The City Hall of Leuven as well as the childhood home of Beethoven are two of the monunements that enjoyed the biggest renovations.

In May, our “Spirit of Europe” exposition will welcome you with a completely renewed interactive and playful content. This new exposition was designed in cooperation with the European Parliament. You will be able to test and expand your knowledge of the European Union. The European Union of today has its roots in the Age of Enlightenment. In Mini-Europe we honour this period with new sceneries in Arc-et-Senans (France) and Bath (United Kingdom). These sceneries will contain big personnalities of the Age of Enlightenment, like Newton, Voltaire, Diderot and Adam Smith. 

In June, you will be able to find five new animations that will enrich the European heritage, that is already present in the park. These animations will, accompanied by a good amount of humour, illustrate the medieval heritage around the Caste of Guimaraes, Portugal.