Spirit of Europe

On May 7th 2019 the newly renovated Spirit of Europe and the miniature version of the Trevi fountain were officially inaugurated by Thierry Meeùs, accompagnied by Elena Basile, Ambassador for Italy in Belgium, Ciril Stokelj, Director at the Directorate for visitors of the European Parliament and Frédérique Ries, member of the European Parliament.

The last couple months were spent working on the exposition where you get to know the European Union a little better, in a fun and interactive way. At the end of the visit of the park, the Spirit of Europe is a great addition for the visitors.

“After the visit the visitors usually have a better view of the shared history en values of the member states. On top of that, the Spirit of Europe makes it clear that the common project that is the European Union followed a natural process. If Mini-Europe and the Spirit of Europe can bring the people closer to the European project, our goal is achieved.” thus a very proud Thierry Meeùs.

In the first part of the Spirit of Europe, via the platform “What Europe does for you”, the visitors learn – in street art atmosphere – what the European Union does for its citizens. The democratic way of Europe is presented while the stereotype of “Brussels decides” is exposed. After that, there is a movie, by the European Parliamant, for the European Parliament. A part of the exposition is dedicated to the European elections that took place on May 26th.

In the second, more playful, part of the exposition, the symbols of the European Union are the point of focus, like the European anthem. The more hands are in the air, the more bigger the orchestra! The visitors can also leave a message that is projected onto a big wall. A quiz for 6 people will test all’s knowledge about the European Union. At the end of the exposition, the ‘Europemotion’ will have two players play a game in front of an interactive screen.