New in Mini-Europe in 2016

The BREXIT, the European Championship, the Roman heritage and much more to discover in 2016 in Mini-Europe Brussels!

«Halloween» first edition!

We are preparing new animations for Halloween!

From 29/10 to 06/11/2016.

«Viking, scarry me!» 

In September, a brand new animation will be inaugurated in the Scandinavic part of Mini-Europe: the Vikings.

The (mini) Flower Carpet 2016 is already in Mini-Europe starting from August, 9th!

Discover the (real) Flower carpet from 12/08 to 15/08/2016

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CNN, BBC, The Guardian and many others came to Mini-Europe to get the best illustration for the reportages and articles about the Brexit.

«We choose to speak about this specific thematic with a touch of … British humour, says Thierry Meeùs, director of Mini-Europe. Our model makers have conceived a scenery representing a debate: some are for the Brixit, other against and we also see a man who doesn’t care about this at all«

The «Mini-Red Devils» in Mini-Europe!

Euro 2016 ! All together to support the Red Devils!

Discover the brilliant miniatures of the Belgian Football Team and the winners of the Vivacité Cometition under the Eiffel tower in Mini-Europe!


Gardens in Mini-Europe

Each year we focus not only on our models but also on our landscapes, plants and flowers to make your visit unforgettable!

The Odyssey – Ulysses Journey

Man as reference for the world, city management and the scientific and philosophical mind are a few striking examples of the Greek heritage.

Roman heritage

Organisation of the state, law, architecture, construction of monuments and roads, the empire, «pax romana» and language were all key characteristics of Roman civilisation.