Activities 2013

Mini-Europe ‘By Night’

an enchanting sight throughout the summer

Every Saturday from 20/07/2013 to 17/08/2013, visitors to Mini-Europe can enjoy a fairytale show of a thousand-and-one lights. The walls and gardens of the buildings will light up in the night, and provide a fascinating shadow show. Thanks to the special lighting, attention will be drawn to the details of the scale models, which will be more eye-catching than ever. As dusk falls, Mini-Europe will suddenly radiate a totally different atmosphere, and the effect of the various animations will be enhanced still further: fire in the port of Barcelona , the launch of the Ariane rocket, numerous sound effects …

Those who come to see it will be enthralled by the extremely romantic atmosphere and discover another facet of the park. Mini-Europe “By Night” offers a unique atmosphere that you will not be able to experience anywhere else.

Musical fireworks!

Apart from a visit to the beautifully illuminated Mini-Europe, you can watch the display of pyrotechnics at 10.30PM, which was custom-designed for Mini-Europe. The spectacular firework display and the illuminating torches show off the park and its numerous miniatures in a unique way.

The culmination of this pyrotechnic sound show, which lasts about 15 minutes is a beautiful, colourful final flourish. Visit By Night Musical firework each saturday from 20/07/2013 to 17/08/2013 at 10:30 PM (despite of the 03/08 at 11:00PM).

Practical information : Last ticket : 11:00 pm (park closed at 12u00 PM)
Tel : 02/474.13.11

Price : Normal entrance fee


Feast of Hungarians in Mini-Europe

16th of March, 2013, Saturday

09.30 – 5.00 PM

to the initiative of logo_CMYK


HUNINEU office is organizing a series of events in honour of the Hungarian National Holiday commemorating the 1848 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence and the Day of the Szekler Freedom.

Programme :

Free tasting of freshly baked, cooked delicacies:

Apple strudel snacks
Sour cherry strudel snacks
Goulash soup tasting

Free wine tasting:

Hungarian Red and White wines to discover

Free family programs:

Making cheese cake and bundle with plum jam

Kneading dough

Tasting and baking on the spot with parents and children there


Crops recognizing game:

Recognizing the crops sewed in beanbags by touching

Chess game



Draw in every 30 minutes: prizes : ceramics, wine, honey
Jackpot : Szekler bicycle




Live Hungarian folk music :
Sax Norbert trio: 15 minutes in every hour

Kossuth songs

Melodies from Kalotaszeg et Bonchida

Verbunks (Recruiting songs)

Kurucz songs