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Mini-Europe By Night

Mini-Europe ‘By Night’: an enchanting sight throughout the summer

Every Saturday from 23/07/2011 to 20/08/2011, visitors to Mini-Europe can enjoy a fairytale show of a thousand-and-one lights. The walls and gardens of the buildings will light up in the night, and provide a fascinating shadow show. Thanks to the special lighting, attention will be drawn to the details of the scale models, which will be more eye-catching than ever. As dusk falls, Mini-Europe will suddenly radiate a totally different atmosphere, and the effect of the various animations will be enhanced still further: fire in the port of Barcelona , the launch of the Ariane rocket, numerous sound effects …

Those who come to see it will be enthralled by the extremely romantic atmosphere and discover another facet of the park. Mini-Europe “By Night” offers a unique atmosphere that you will not be able to experience anywhere else.

Musical fireworks! “Colours in Europe”

Apart from a visit to the beautifully illuminated Mini-Europe, you can watch the display of pyrotechnics at 10.30PM, which was custom-designed for Mini-Europe. The spectacular firework display and the illuminating torches show off the park and its numerous miniatures in a unique way.

The culmination of this pyrotechnic sound show, which lasts about 15 minutes is a beautiful, colourful final flourish. Visit By Night Musical firework each saturday from 23/07/2011 to 20/08/2011 at 10:30 PM.

Practical information : Last ticket : 11:00 pm (park closed at 12u00 PM)
Tel : 02/474.13.11

Price : Normal entrance fee

Hand-over of the European Union Council Presidency from Hungary to Poland at Mini-Europe

Hand-over of the European Union Council Presidency from Hungary to Poland at Mini-Europe

Hunineu and the Hungarian Tourist Office aim to mark the end of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union by organising several events at Mini-Europe. An official ceremony will be held there on 30 June, while events intended for the general public are planned for Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July.

The official ceremony for the hand-over of power from Hungary to Poland will take place on Thursday 30 June at 11.00 around the Hungarian monument at Mini-Europe, in the presence of the ambassadors of Hungary and Poland in Belgium. On this occasion, the Hungarian flag will be raised atop the Atomium.

The public will be able to attend the ceremony, which will be accompanied by a release of giant balloons and a spectacular display of daytime fireworks. During the reception, Véronique, the singer with the ringing voice, will sing some ancient Hungarian songs while a group of 7 singers with deep voices will enable the invited guests and visitors to hear some of the typical songs from the country.

A week-end celebrating Hungary

On 2 and 3 July, from 11.00 to 20.00, all the visitors can find out more about Hungary, its fine food and traditional crafts via a series of presentations, tasting sessions, exhibitions, etc. Children will not be left out: a pottery workshop will enable them to learn the basics of working with clay, following the advice of an expert.
On the programme

Tourist information:

The Tourist Office will distribute tourism information about many thermal spa centres as well as all the regions of this magnificent country which is still unfamiliar to many people.


Hungarian musicians, specialists in playing the accordion and the violin, will perform typical Hungarian music.


Starting at noon and throughout the afternoon, there will be free tasting of goulash (delicious soup consisting of meat and vegetables, presented by a Hungarian chef. Other specialities, such as sausages, salami, cakes, special breads, etc., will also be available to sample. And for those who are feeling a bit thirsty, everyone will be able to discover the white wines (Chardonnay) and red wines (Pinot noir) of the region around Lake Balaton. Children will be able to try natural soft drinks made with fruit.
At the entrance, every visitor will receive a coupon enabling him/her to sample copious typical dishes at very reasonable prices!

Crafts and workshop for children:

A craftsman will demonstrate how to make clay pottery by hand. Even the youngest children will be able to become apprentice potters, practising on clay.
Those who like souvenirs can choose between amusing animal puppets, hand-painted mugs, magnets and ceramic necklaces.


Photos illustrating the most beautiful areas of Hungary will be exhibited at the Hungarian Tourism stand.


A typical fairground game in the form of a booth will enable visitors to test their hunting skills. Using a catapult, they will have to aim and hit typical, zany characters.
A chess set, very popular with visitors to the Széchenyi spa centre, will be made available to visitors.
Two bicycles fixed side by side will enable visitors to test their ability, while watching the Hungarian landscape passing by.
Finally, on the wheel of fortune, everyone can try their luck, and perhaps win gadgets and other souvenirs of Hungary.

All the entertainment is accessible free of charge for visitors to Mini-Europe.